Class Offerings and Descriptions for the 2020-2021 season


Designed for 3 & 4 year olds, this class focuses on coordination, movement, strength, and balance. This class utilizes children's gymnastics equipment

Introduction to Dance

Designed for 4 & 5 year olds, this class incorporates the same fundamentals as the Movement class but also focuses on the introduction to basic dance steps, as well as peer interaction and class structure. This class also utilizes children's gymnastics equipment. 


Ballet is the foundation for all disciplines of dance and we strive to stress its importance. We currently offer levels of Starlite, Pre-Primary, Primary, Grade I, Grade II, Grade III, Grade IV, Grade V, & Elementary through the British Association of Teachers of Dancing. Grade III & up may also take Pointe as part of their curriculum. Students will be placed in the appropriate class by level progression or placement by the teacher. 


An energetic form of dance that incorporates some styles of hip hop dance. Students are placed in classes by age or level. Testing through the British Association of Teachers of Dancing will be administered in some levels. We currently offer twelve Jazz classes for various ages/levels.


Acrobatic dance focuses on balance, gymnastics technique & tumbling, strength, and flexibility. We currently have four levels of Acro classes and offer testing through the British Association of Teachers of Dancing. Evaluation is required and permission must be granted in order to enroll in these classes.


An upbeat, energetic class where the rhythm is tapped out by the toe or heel while wearing metal taps. We currently offer six sections of Tap classes. 


Style of dance created from the fusion of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance techniques. Movements are inspired from strong lyrics to express those emotions. We currently offer four Lyrical classes.


This is a non-recital, drop-in class that is offered based on instructor and student availability. This class focuses strictly on the tumbling skills used in the Acro dance classes. This is a great class for students who take a dance class that want to keep up on their tumbling skills, as well as students who aren't quite ready or able to enroll in the Acro programs. This class is only offered to students currently enrolled in one of our dance classes, besides Acro. 

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Tiny Dancers

This class is designed for children ages 3 and under and incorporates the use of our children's gymnastics equipment, as well as dancing to music. The class is designed to encourage bonding between the adult and child, so you will be supervising them as they play. This class is offered based on studio and teacher availability. Dates, times, drop-in rate, and registration information is updated on our Facebook page.